European Gardens

European GardenEuropean Gardens are wonderful expressions of love for that special occasion or sympathy tribute. A collection of blooming or green plants in a basket or container with decorative accents is what we call an European Garden.  You will be pleased with the care we take to make your purchase special with us at Floral Expressions!  We have a gorgeous selection of hardy green plants and beautiful flowering plants that creates an easy-care indoor garden for any setting.  Appropriate for all occasions, blooming  and green plants are a thoughtful, lasting gift!  We specialize in creative ways to embellish our gardens for a unique presentation.  Nature provides us with beauty in the form of flowers, branches, berries, and many other interesting things. We love to combine these items for a creative & appealing design.  Let us be creative for you by incorporating an item that is meaningful or significant to the recipient.  Give us your ideas and we will use our expertise to create an inspiring display with a variety of plants that will make your gift special!  Check out some samples of our designs below.

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#11 $85 European Garden with Arboricola and Cyclamen Plants

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